• calcium formate
  • calcium formate
  • calcium formate

Calcium Formate

  • Calcium Formate % min: 98.0
  • Ca % min: 30.0
  • Moisture % max: 0.5
  • Pb % max: 0.002
  • As % max: 0.002
  • Insoluble substances % max: 0.30

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■ Specifications
Molecular Formula: Ca(HCOO)2
Physicochemical Property: White crystalline or powder,slightly moisture absorption, bitter, neutrality,nontoxic.dissolve in water.
Tap density: 900 -1000g /kg.
Decomposition temperature:> 400
Calcium Formate 98% min is an organic acid salt for use in pig and poultry diets. It acts as a preservative in the feed and also has an acidifying effect in the gastro-intestinal tract, promoting good gut health.
It is also another type of non-chloride accelerator used to accelerate the setting time of concrete, and it widely use in making better leather and some chemical product.
a.Feed addtitives. As feed additives, which can stimulation animals appetite and Reduce the rate of
diarrhea. After animal be weaned, add 1.5% calcium formate in feed, which can improve animal
growth rate more than 12%.
b.Construction. In winter ,Calcium formate can be used as acceleration concreting for cement. Dry-Mix system . accelerate the cement hardening rate, shorten the coagulation time, especially in the winter construction, to avoid condensation at low temperatures
c.Additives for explore the petroleum and natural gas. 
4.Packing details:
Net weight 25kg craft paper bag or woven bag with plastic inner bag or ton bag. Customized bag is also welcome if order amount is large.
■ Full Data
Items Specification
Calcium Formate % min 98.0
Ca % min 30.0
Moisture % max 0.5
Pb % max 0.002
As % max 0.002
Heavy Metals % max 0.002
Insoluble substances % max 0.30
Dryed Lost Weight % max 1.0
PH Value 6.0-7.5
Appearance Crystal Flowing Powder
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