• ferrous lactate

Ferrous Lactate

  • Appearance: light yellow green crystalline powder
  • Total iron (as Fe+)% Fe+: ≥18.9
  • Ferrous iron (as Fe+)% Fe++: ≥18.0
  • Moisture (no water of crystallization)%: ≤2.5
  • Calcium salt (as Ca+)% Ca++: ≤1.2
  • Heavy metals(as Pb)%: ≤0.002

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■ Specifications
Molecular formula: C6H10FeO6·3H2O
Molecular weight: 288.04
CAS NO.:5905-52-2
Appearance: light yellow green crystal or powder.
Organoleptics: with a slight touch of rust smell.
Solubility: It can be easily dissolved in hot water, but not in ethanol.
It is light green powder, not stable,and the irontaste is heavy.It is soluble in water,
the solubility is about 2.5%, the water solution will become yellow-greenat room
temperature after a period of time.
Ferrous lactate is one of best iron fortification agents and best iron source of baby food (recommended by WHO). Ferrous lactate is an excellent source of iron widely used in dairy products, powdered milk, biscuit, soy sauce, candies etc. The product is also widely used in pharmaceutical and nutritive industry we can provide products with high-quality and good prices, prompt shipment and on time service.Price available upon application .
4.Packing details:
Packing: 25kg paper-cloth laminated bag lined with plastic bag. 
■ Full Data
Item Index
Appearance light yellow green crystalline powder
Total iron (as Fe+)% Fe+ ≥18.9
Ferrous iron (as Fe+)% Fe++ ≥18.0
Moisture (no water of crystallization)% ≤2.5
Calcium salt (as Ca+)% Ca++ ≤1.2
Heavy metals(as Pb)% ≤0.002
As% ≤0.0001
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