• sodium alpha-olefin sulfonate
  • sodium alpha-olefin sulfonate
  • sodium alpha-olefin sulfonate

Sodium Alpha-Olefin Sulfonate(AOS)

  • Items: AOSn/92
  • Appearance(25°C): White or Light Yellow Powder
  • Odor: No strange Odors
  • Active Matter Content(%): 91-93
  • Unsulfated Matter(%): Max 3.0
  • Inorganic Salt(%,as Na2SO4): Max 5.0

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■ Specifications
Commodity: Sodium Alpha-Olefin Sulfonate
Structural formula: RCH=CH(CH2)nSO3Na  RCH(OH)(CH2)nSO3Na
CAS No.: 68439-57-6 EINECS No.: 270-407-8
AOS has excellent wetting property, detergency,foaming ability and stability,and Emulsifying power.It also has excellent calcium soap dispersibility,hard water Resisitency and biodegradation. It has well compatibility with other surfactants and is Mild to skin.Product with AOS is rich in fine foam and has good rinsability.
 AOS is the main materials of first selection on formulation of washing powder,dish Detegent and nonphosphate detergent.It is widely used in hair shampoo,bath shampoo And face cleaning etc; and it is also widely used in industrial detergents.
 AOS/92 25KGS/multiwall bag 
  AOS/35 200KGS/plastic drum
■ Full Data
Items Specification Limits
AOSn/92 AOSn/35
Appearance(25°C) White or Light Yellow Powder Light Yellow Liquid
Odor No strange Odors
Active Matter Content(%) 91-93 34-36
Unsulfated Matter(%) Max 3.0 Max 1.5
Inorganic Salt(%,as Na2SO4) Max 5.0 Max 1.5
Free Alkali(%,as NaOH) Max 1.0 Max 0.3
Color(Klett,5%Am.aq.sol) Max 90 Max 60
Water(%) Max 3.0 --
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