• ammonium chloride
  • ammonium chloride
  • ammonium chloride
  • ammonium chloride

Ammonium Chloride 99.5%

  • Content (as dry base): 99.5%min
  • Moisture: 0.5%max
  • Residue in ignition: 0.4%max
  • Iron (Fe): 0.0007%max
  • Pb: 0.0005%max
  • SO4: 0.02%max

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■ Specifications
Other name: Chlorammonic
Molecular Formula: NH4Cl
Appearance: White powdered crystals
Packing: 25KGS PP/PE BAG (24MT/20’Fcl, 20MT/20'FCL with pallet)
White powdered crystals, specific gravity 1.532 (17°C) easily absorbs moisture, and forming a cake, soluble in water, and the solubility varies as the temperature increases, sublimes at 340 C . It appears little corrosivity.
Used in dry cell, dying, tanning, electrical plating. Also used as welding and hardener in molding of Precision castings. 
■ Full Data

Items Specifications Test Results
Content (as dry base) 99.5%min 99.52%
Moisture 0.5%max 0.3%
Residue in ignition 0.4%max 0.21%
Iron (Fe) 0.0007%max 0.0005%
Pb 0.0005%max 0.0003%
SO4 0.02%max 0.015%
Amonium Chloride PH value 4.0 – 5.8 5.36
Technical Standard GB2946-2008
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