• sodium hydrosulphide nahs
  • sodium hydrosulphide nahs
  • sodium hydrosulphide nahs
  • sodium hydrosulphide nahs

Sodium Hydrosulphide NaHS

  • NaHS: ≥70.0%
  • Na2S%: ≤3.0%
  • Na2SO3%: ≤1.5%
  • Fe%: ≤0.003%
  • Na2CO3%: ≤1.0%
  • Water insoluble%: ≤0.005%

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■ Specifications
CAS No.:16721-80-5
EINECS No.:240-778-0
Nature: Colourless crystallization, easy to deliquesce.

Industrial product is commonly soluble, orange or yellow.
Soluble in water and alcohol, with strong alkali solution. Melting point is 55 ℃.
Flash point is 90 ℃.Water-soluble is 620 g/L (20 ℃).

In the dyestuff industry , sodium hydrosulphide is used for composition of organic intermediates and preparation of sulfide dye additives.
In the leather industry, it is used for the hair removal and tanning, also used for wastewater treatment; Mucus silk for desulphurization, the chemical fertilizers,
pesticides and other production industry, it is used to take off in the monomer ac desulfurizers sulfur. Sodium hydrosulphide is raw material of manufacturing agricultural pesticides,
mercaptan ammonium and semi-finished products of raw material. In the mining industry, it is used in large copper processing. artificial fiber and used in the production of sulfite dying, etc. 
■ Full Data

Iterms Standard
NaHS ≥70.0%
Na2S% ≤3.0%
Na2SO3% ≤1.5%
Fe% ≤0.003%
Na2CO3% ≤1.0%
Water insoluble% ≤0.005%
Conclusion qualified
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