• sodium ethyl xanthate
  • sodium ethyl xanthate

Sodium Ethyl Xanthate

  • Name: Mixed cost distribution(USD/mt)
  • Potassium amyl xanthate(PAX): 1520
  • Sodium ethyl xanthate(SEX): 240
  • Price difference of pure PAX and mixed PAX: 140 = 1900-1760

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■ Specifications
♦ Certificate No: 0204038(imported technology and equipment from USA FMC Company
♦ Annual production capacity: 12,000mts)
• Shanxi Wenshui County Xinghua Chemical Co. Ltd—ISO9001:2000
♦ Annual production capacity: 65,000mts
Potassium Suppliers:
• Qingdao Haijing Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd-----ISO9001:2000
• Shandong Befar (Group) Co., Ltd-------------ISO9001:2000
♦ Mineral flotation Collector Florrea SEX (Sodium Ethyl Xanthate)is used as mining chemical in mineral processing industry.
♦ Sodium Ethyl Xanthate(SEX)90%,Mining Chemical, is widely used as flotation reagent and improve the grade and recovery.
♦ It is the shortest carbon chain of the available xanthates.
♦ Sodium ethyl xanthate is a low cost but a high selective collector of available xanthates.
♦ This mining flotation reagent is most useful in the flotation of sulphide ore and multi-metallic ore for maximum selectivity.  
■ Full Data
Pure xanthate Mixted PAX (Mixed xanthate)
Name Unit cost (USD/mt) Mixture ratio Mixed cost distribution(USD/mt)
Potassium amyl xanthate(PAX) 1900 80% 1520
Sodium ethyl xanthate(SEX) 1200 20% 240
    Total cost of mixed PAX which is sold as pure PAX 1760
Price difference of pure PAX and mixed PAX 140 = 1900-1760
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