• sodium hydrosulfide
  • sodium hydrosulfide

Sodium Hydrosulfide (NaHS)

  • Model: NaHS
  • Purity(NaSH) ( Min): 70%  
  • Fe(Max): 30 PPM(0.003%)
  • Na2S(Max): 3 %

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■ Specifications
16721-80-5,sodium hydrosulfide,sodium hydrosulfide,commonly used prior to collector additon for the activation of Cu.
Sodium Hydrosulphide (thickness:1mm-2mm) ,less impurity and higher content of NaHS, lower iron,.Sodium Hydrosulphide is needle system crystal, easily being deliquescent, soluble in water and alcohol, water solution with strong alkaline. Sodium Hydrosulphide react with acids and liberates hydrogen sulfide. Industrial grade of Sodium Hydrosulphide is generally in solution form with pale yellow color, slight rotten egg smell.   Available form: Flake form and solid fused form.
Mining industry
Ÿas the activator for the sulfidization of oxide minerals. Florrea NaSH has a much lower alkalinity than Na2S. When in contact with oxygen (air),it lowly oxidizes. If a solution of NaSH is heated, it is converted into Na2S and H2S. It is a good replacement
for NsS.
Ÿas the flotation depressant for Cu and Fe sulfide minerals in Cu/Mo separation
Leather industry (tanning) as de-hairing agent
Pulp and paper industry, metal extraction from aqueous solutions,
Textiles (sulphur dye) and chemical processing
Sodium Hydrosulphide is recommended to be kept only in closed, properly labeled containers. Do nor store in zinc, aluminum, or copper containers. Sodium Hydrosulphide is stored in cool, dry, ventilated area to prevent it from being deliquescent. Separated from acids, acidic materials, oxidizing agents.
Inhalation: Inhalation of the dust can cause sore throat, coughing and shortness of breath. Very high or very long exposures could lead to a build-up of fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema) and, possibly, death. 
Skin Contact: Can cause severe skin irritation and burns.  
Eye Contact: Can cause redness, pain, blurred vision and burns which are slow   healing. Blindness may result.
This information is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general notes on our products and their uses. It should not therefore be construed as guaranteeing specific properties of the products described or their suitability for a particular application. Any existing industrial property rights must be observed.
■ Full Data
Specification Flake form Solid Fused Form
purity(NaSH) ( Min) 70% 70%
Fe (Max) 30 PPM(0.003%) 80PPM(0.008%)
Na2S (Max) 3 % 4%


Physical form Packing Quantity/20’FCL
Flake Form 25kgs net PP jumbo bag lined with PE bag 22mts
25kgs net PP jumbo bag lined with PE bag , 900kgs(36bags)/pallet and tightly strapped and covered with PE film 18mts
900kg net PP jumbo bag lined with PE bag, 2 bags on a wooden pallet 18mts(20 bags)
Solid Fused Form 150kg net steel drum 22.05mts(147 drums)
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