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Caustic soda packaging and storage


Caustic soda packaging and storage:
1 ) caustic soda and grain base package is made with plastic lining and lining, triple coated woven bag packaging made ​​with strict moisture resistant bag, net weight 25kg, and indicate the various flags . Vidar Water Industrial 96-99 Caustic / grain base in English and Chinese packaging packaging, English packaging mainly for export.
2) The base is made of solid iron or other airtight containers , lid firmly sealed barrel, net weight 200kg, clear signs , transportation as much as possible to prevent shock and damage.
3 ) Storage of liquid caustic soda in the not too full, to prevent leakage wounding, good glasses must be worn when operating , organic mask, rubber gloves , rubber boots and other protective equipment . Solid base , flaky base , there is a strong corrosive and can damage cellulose , corrosive to the skin . Storage and handling of the package must be sealed to prevent water intrusion , handling gently to prevent damage, human contact , flush can.
Industrial 96 Caustic | main export packaging in English and Chinese packaging, export packaging to be used for sales of foreign export caustic soda special , different shapes of caustic soda , 96 % -99 % solid base , 96% to 99% grain base , solid called the base barrel base, called pearl-like particle caustic alkali , sodium hydroxide is the main component , a small amount of impurities