• oil drilling barite
  • oil drilling barite

Oil Drilling Barite (Barium Sulfate) 4.2

  • Item: Drilling Grade Barite Powder
  • BaSO4: 85 -98%min
  • S.G: 4.2min
  • Size: 200/325mesh  (97%passing)
  • Whiteness: 90min
  • Packing: in 50kgs/bags

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■ Specifications
Oil drilling Barite (Barium Sulfate) 4.2 can increase the drilling mud agent: In some wells, gas well drilling, the general use of the drilling mud, clay, accounting for around 25, the proportion of water to 1, so the lower the proportion of mud, sometimes mud weight can not be underground oil and gas pressure balance, causing blowout.
In the ground under high pressure, the need to increase the proportion of mud, barite powder added to the slurry is an effective measure to increase the proportion of mud.
oil drilling Barite (Barium Sulfate) 4.2 used in drilling mud to do the general fineness of 325 or more to achieve, such as the fineness of barite precipitation is easy enough. Requirements with the barite drilling mud weight is greater than 4.2, BaSO4 content of not less than 95%, less than 1% of soluble salts. 


1. As a weighting agent for drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration.
2. Used in the car, electronics, TV screen, rubber, and glass ceramics and paint industry.
3. As surface smear for photographic paper and calendared paper; as sizing agent for textile industry.
4. As clarifying agent for glass products.
5. Radiation shielding and medical applications; also used for ceramics, enamel, perfumes and pigments.
■ Full Data
Drilling Grade Barite (API 13 A Standard) Powder Drilling Grade Barite Powder
BaSO4: 90% min BaSO4: 85 -98%min
Cd: 3ppm max. Cd: /
Hg: 1PPM max Hg: /
S.G.: 4.2min. S.G.: 4.2min.
Size: 200/325mesh (97%passing) Size: 200/325mesh (97%passing)
Whiteness :90min whiteness :90min
Packing: in 50kgs/bag Packing: in 50kgs/bags
Item Specifications
BaBo4 BaSo4 Fe2O3 Al2O3 Water soluble salt Insoluble residu by hydrochloric acid
1 95 <1.5 <0.5 <1 <0.3
2 90 <2.5 <1.5 <2 <1.0
3 85 <2.5 <1.5 <2 <1.0
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