• Homopolymer&Copolymer
  • Homopolymer&Copolymer
  • Homopolymer&Copolymer
  • Homopolymer&Copolymer


  • Tensile modulus of elasticity: v=1mm/min
  • Tensile yield at stress: v=50mm/min
  • Charpy impact strength unnotched: 23°C
  • Charpy impact strength notched: 23°C
  • Ball indentation hardness: H 358/30

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■ Specifications
No rules copolymerization products, this product has the very good color protection function, processing stability performance is excellent, apply to 350 m/min above high speed line production, is not easy to break membrane. Finished film pretty degree good, bending modulus, hot sealing high low temperature, high gloss, high strength, can properly reduce tension membrane thickness, is ordinary BOPP product good alternative product.
Uses: Specialty to make high speed and high stiffness BOPP, widely used in tape, food packaging, high-grade beverage packaging, detergent, cosmetics packaging, tobacco packaging, trademark printing, printing compound, laser security and other industrial uses. 
■ Full Data
Properties Unit Test method Value
Melt Flow Rate      
Melt flow rate(230° C/2.16KG) g/10min ISO 1133 12
Mechnical Properties      
Tensile modulus of elasticity(v=1mm/min) Mpa ISO 527-2 1550
Tensile yield at stress(v=50mm/min) Mpa ISO 527-2 35
Tensile yield at strain (v=50mm/min) % ISO527-2 8
Tensile strain at break (v=50mm/min) % ISO 527-2 > 50
Charpy impact strength unnotched(+23° C) KJ/m2 ISO 179/1eU 110
Charpy impact strength notched(+23° C) KJ/m2 ISO 179/1eU 3.0
Izod Impact strength notenched(+23° C) KJ/m2 ISO 180/1A 3
Ball indentation hardness(H 358/30) Mpa ISO 2039-1 78
Thermal Properties      
Melting point,DSC ° C ISO 3146 163
Heat deflection temperature ------------HDT/B(0.45Mpa) ° C ISO 75-2 85
Vicat softening temperature ------------VST/A50(10N) ° C ISO 306 154
Other Properties      
Density g/cm3 ISO 1183 0.91
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