• purified terephthalic acid
  • purified terephthalic acid

PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) 99%

  • PTA Content%: 99%
  • Metal(Fe,Mo,Cr,Ti,Mn,Ni,Co)ppm≤: ≤4ppm
  • Moisture %≤: ≤0.5%
  • Fe ppm≤: 2ppm
  • MF Chroma.5%Liquor: 10

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■ Specifications
Purified Terephthalic Acid
Formula: C8H6O4
Description: White needle crystal or powder
Purified Terephthalic Acid

Formula: C8H6O4
Description: White needle crystal or powder
Uses : As a reagent for alkali in wool , additive to poultry feeds.
Chemical and physical properties
Combustibility: Flammable
Toxicity : Low toxicity
Density : 1.510 g/cm3
Sublimation : 402 °C ( Under natural pressure)
Melting point: 425 °C (in a gland )
Solubility : dissolving in hot grain alcohol , not dissolving in water, aether , glacial acetic acid and chloroform.

Package and storage

Storage : Keep container closed when not in use, Store in a cool, dry,well-ventilated area away from strong oxidizing substances.

Package : Big-bags of 1000kg (23MT per 20ft container). Big-bags of 1100kg (23MT per 20ft container). Bulk container (up to 25MT per 20ft container).

High temp. oxidation: While acetic acid as solvent, Co,Mn, Br admixture as catalyzer p-xylene will oxidate into crude terephthalic acid <CTA>. Under certain temperature and pressure. Then CTA dissolve into water under high temperature and pressure. And passa Pd/C catalyzer settled vessel which is a reactor where the oxidation production will be hydrogenated in order to removeimpurity(4-CBA).Afterward.the hydrogenation production will become the final production(PTA) after crystallizing filtrating P-Tol acid and drying.  
■ Full Data

Test Item
PTA Content% 99%
Metal(Fe,Mo,Cr,Ti,Mn,Ni,Co)ppm≤ ≤4ppm
Moisture %≤ ≤0.5%
Fe ppm≤ 2ppm
DMF Chroma.5%Liquor<APHA> 10
4-CBA ppm≤ ≤25ppm
Acid Num(mg KOH/g) 675±2
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