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Virgin LDPE/Low-density Polyethylene

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■ Specifications
Products properties
 Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)is a synthetic resin using a high pressure process via free radical polymerization of ethylene and is therefore also called “high-pressure polyethylene”. Since its molecular chain has many long and short branches, LDPE is less crystalline than high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and its
density is lower. It features light, flexible, good freezing resistance and impact resistance. LDPE is chemically stable. It has good resistance to acids (except strongly oxidizing acids), alkali, salt,excellent electrical insulation properties. Its vapor penetration rate is low. LDPE has high fluidity and good processability. It is suitable for being used in all types of thermoplastic processing processes,such as injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding,rotomolding, coating, foaming, thermoforming, hot-jet welding and thermal welding. 
■ Full Data
Film Grade HDPE
Item Test condition Test Method Value Unit
Density   ISO 1183 0.944-0.955 g/cm3
MFR 190° C/2.16kg ISO 1133 0.03-0.07 g/10min
Tensile strength at yield   ISO 527-2 22 MPa
Elongation at break   ISO 527-2 > 350 %
ESCR F50,50° C,100% ASTM D-1693A 1000 h
VICAT   ASTM D-1525 126 ° C

Blowing molding Grade HDPE
Item Test Condition Test Method Value Unit
Density   ISO 1183 0.950~0.955 g/cm
MFR 190° C/2.16kg ISO 1133 1.7~2.5 g/10min
Tensile strength at yield   ISO 527-2 24 MPa
Elongation at break   ISO 527-2 > 600 %
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