• zinc stearate
  • zinc stearate
  • zinc stearate

Zinc Stearate

  • Zn content,%: 10.3-11.3
  • Free Fatty Acid(As Stearic acid)% ≤: 0.8
  • Moisture,% ≤: 0.8
  • Melting Point, °C : 120±5

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■ Specifications
Product Name:Zinc Stearate
CAS No.:557-05-1
EINECS No.:209-151-9
Packaging Detail:20kg/bag,PP bags within PE film
a) Combined with other metal soaps,It is used as stabilizr in all non toxic applications in PVC processing,I.E film for food packing,drinking straws,PVC materials for medical purposes,it gives good early colour and bubrication.
b)water proofing agents
c)anti sticking agents and mould release agent in rubber industry
d)In paints it find application
e)In grinding of pigments/sanding sealer
f)Flattenting agent-gives matte finish
g) In pigment concentrtses ,elastomers polyrens and other light colored plastics.
■ Full Data
Terms Specification
Grade Super 1st
Zn content,% 10.3-11.3 10.3-11.3
Free Fatty Acid(As Stearic acid)% ≤ 0.8 1.0
Moisture,% ≤ 0.8 1.0
Melting Point, °C 120±5 120±5
Fineness(thr.Screen),% ≥ 99.0 (0.045mm screen) 99.5 (0.075mm screen)
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